All Africa Conference: Conférence All Africa des Lions Clubs
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All Africa Conference: Conférence All Africa des Lions Clubs d’Afrique

Message from PID Dr. S.P. AMIN
Article published on 15 December 2016
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Dear Lions of Africa,

I extend my warmest greetings as you gather together for the 22nd All Africa Conference. I am sure you will enjoy the fellowship and strengthen your commitment to service. I am aware of the many great service projects undertaken by Lions of Africa. You exemplify what it means to be a Lion. I congratulate you on your dedication to humanitarian service.

Lions of Africa truly exemplify the “WE SERVE” mission of our great organization.
Your dedication to service has resulted in immeasurable good for innumerable people.

Our service to our communities makes Lions critically important. Lions now more that ever provide the service that no one else will or can. Our communities need us. We need to do our very best and not only continue our service programs, but also find ways to increase our impact. I am sure that Lions in your clubs are more committed than ever to helping those most in need.

This All Africa Conference in Cairo will allow the African Lions to renew our enthusiasm for service. I am confident that your participation at this conference will be of great benefit for yourself, your Club and ultimately your community. Enjoy your time at this conference and be sure to take complete advantage of this wonderful opportunity for strengthening your bond with fellow Lions and with Lionism.

I wish this conference all the success.

Warmest regards.

Past International Director
LCIF Trustee


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