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All Africa Conference: Conférence All Africa des Lions Clubs d’Afrique

Message from PID Eng. H.O.B Lawal
Article published on 15 December 2016
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Dear Conference Chair PID Alexis and great Lions of Africa,

I consider it a great honour and privilege to felicitate with you on the auspicious occasion of the 22nd All Africa Conference taking place in the lovely city of Cairo, which doubles as Africa’s proud centre of world’s civilization and capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

I am enthused about the conference Theme – AFRICA THE FUTURE as it is very motivational. At no other time in the history of lionism in Africa, is the theme more appropriate than now when all Lions are being implored to get more hands on the deck to enable us climb New Mountains in service delivery, as a befitting memento for our centennial anniversary celebration, to usher in the much sought-after Africa Constitutional Area of our Association.

Putting it more succinctly, we just need to put more hands on the job so that we as Lions can proudly continue to be of realistic relevance to service. The situation at the moment is grave and desperate and therefore calls for desperate solutions beyond the orthodox means. Having tried all kinds of theories and methods in the past, perhaps time is now ripe for us to try the Crash Programme Method of recruiting members which will also facilitate our attainment of Africa Constitutional Area upon reaching the 30,000 mark.

Justify Right now various clubs around Africa are faced with high challenges and expectations of climbing new mountains for improved service delivery, as Africa increasingly harbours a sizeable amount of the needy and underprivileged/down trodden masses, as a result of poverty, depressed economy, underdevelopment, religious bigotry, incessant prosecution/threat of unnecessary/senseless wars and rising incidents of armed robbery and militia activities. Taken together all these call for our pragmatic implementation of the four-point Centennial Action Plan, viz:

  • Engaging Our Youth
  • Sharing the Vision
  • Relieving the Hunger
  • Protecting our Environment

In the last 100 years, we have kept absolute faith with our motto – WE SERVE.

As the 22nd AAC in Cairo is a precursor to our Centennial Celebration in June/July 2017 we must all expand qualitatively and imbibe the spirit of UNITY AND AMITY within the rank and file of our great Association so that TOGETHER WE CAN CLAIM TO BE Loving Individuals Offering Needed Services to the less privileged in our communities.

This is the THRUST of my message to all Lions and all those whom we are inviting to join the Lions movement including our invited guests at this conference.

As I wish you all a memorable stay in Cairo, I challenge you to envision Africa as a continent of the FUTURE which will be a better and safer place to work and play by virtue of the activities of the Lions Clubs.
I love you all and please accept my best wishes for a successful conference.

Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely yours,
PID Eng. H.O.B Lawal


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Message from PID Eng. H.O.B Lawal

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