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All Africa Conference: Conférence All Africa des Lions Clubs d’Afrique

Message from PID Manoj SHAH
Article published on 15 December 2016
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Dear Lions of Africa,


«Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can» said Ashleigh Brilliant. A living example of this truth is Grish Goggia. 90 percent paralyzed, from the neck downwards, Goggia, who cannot move an inch on his own, conducted an inspirational seminar for 500-strong audience in Mumbai.

What is stopping us then, from pushing our limits and achieving so much more than what we are currently accomplishing?

Think it over. What we do vs. what we can do. One suggests our current level of performance. The other questions the usage of our potential. I believe, very strongly, that not living up to one’s full potential is the greatest disservice we can do to ourselves and our community.

We are, today, teamed up as Lions, with clear well-defined roles. The options before us are unlimited. The opportunities- beyond comprehension! We are driven by a purpose-to be available to our communities whenever there is a need; whenever there is an opportunity for us to serve.

The United Nations estimates that currently more than 860 million people are living in urban slums. It defines a slum as a place where people lack any one of these: access to clean water, access to improved sanitation, sufficient living area, durable housing or secure tenure. This means that almost a quarter of those who live in urban areas lack at least one of these basic necessities-and that hundreds of millions lack all five.

For Lionism and for all of us, there is a big opportunity here. Lions Clubs are potential success stories for our communities. It is not enough if we merely exist. We must be visible. We must rise to expand our scope, enhance our capabilities and optimize our potential. And most importantly, we must involve our communities in what we do. That connect makes us relevant and rewards our existence.

Lionism today is incredibly different then what it used to be a decade ago. Today the challenges in terms of service activities and member’s expectations are much different. This All Africa Conference will provide us with an opportunity to sit together and interact meaningfully to work out ways and means to meet the challenges and ensure the pace of growth, that Africa has witnessed and to maintain and accelerate it further.

Each one of us can be a story to be emulated. Do join us and support the cause of growing together. It is now our time to discover newer options, to discover the unrealized.

I wish to congratulate the Chairperson Past International Director Alexis Vincent Gomes, and our dynamic Lions of Egypt for hosting a most successful conference in Cairo.

My best wishes to all of you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Manoj Shah
Past International Director


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Message from PID Manoj SHAH

Dear Lions of Africa,


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